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'The Diagnostician' - Overview

The Diagnostician

      ... good vibrations, everywhere!

Do you find it hard to diagnose machine vibration problems? Are you tired of spending hours staring at Spectrum diagrams only to overlook a major problem.

Then the Diagnostician is just the tool you’ve been looking for!

The Diagnostician is a software package that is capable of diagnosing over 80% of vibration problems. By analyzing imported points from your current maintenance software, the Diagnostician will inform you of high unbalances, misalignments, high vibration readings & much more.

Each assessment is done in accordance with established international standards (For example ISO 10816).

With minimal configuration and simple operation, the Diagnostician will generate a customizable report in seconds. Fast diagnoses means quick repairs and fast savings

Who needs the Diagnostician? 
Due to it's innovative concept, the Diagnostician is helpful to all those who have to take care for their machines in daily business. 
  • Small and medium-sized companies which already use machine diagnosis tools and need a software which is able to create a meaningful overview of the state of their machines in just a few seconds.
    Here the Diagnostician ensures that the machine operator will be informed if something seems to be irregular with his machines. And in most cases the Diagnostician is able to give the operator an indication which kind of problem the machine concerned could have.
  • Large companies with several thousands of measurement points.
    To master all measurement values which are collected day by day, there is a need for a tool which is able to examine automatically all measurements in a short space of time and inform reliably the operator about where there is something going wrong. Exactly for this the Diagnostician was developed.
  • Diagnostics-Specialists
    Because the Diagnostician is able to examine a huge amount of measuered datasets in just a few seconds it is a valuable tool even for diagnostics-specialists. While the Diagnostician takes care of the fact that no irregular symptoms are overlooked, the diagnostics-specialist has more time to go into details.
    Furthermore he is now able to create adaptable, professional looking reports with the build-in report module of the Diagnostician - for himself and his customers. 
  • Remote Diagnosis
    If both, the machine operator and the diagnostics-specialist have installed the Diagnostician, they can start a remote diagnosis session. This means the machine operator has the possibility of displaying irregular symptoms on the PC screen of his diagnostics-specialist directly via Internet. The diagnostics-specialist can carry out his investigations 'from home' and then inform the customer what he can do next. The advantages are obvious: The diagnostics-specialist is able to handle more customers in less time and the machine operators will get their results much faster. Additionally they save the travelling expenses of the diagnostics-specialist.
Suitable for different application areas, the Diagnostician is available in various Editions.