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Latest Version

You should always use the latest version of any debids data product. 

See below for the current version numbers or use the "New updates available?" functionality of the software to verify that you have installed the latest updates.

Current Version
Product Version Release Date
Diagnostician V1.9.6.1530 2018-03-22

Release History
Product Version Release Date
Diagnostician V1.9.5.1400 2010-08-03
Diagnostician V1.9.0.1300 2009-12-01
Diagnostician V1.8.5.1100 2009-06-19
Diagnostician V1.8.0.1039 2009-03-30
Diagnostician V1.8.0.0999 2009-03-20
Diagnostician V1.7.4.0774 2008-09-02
Diagnostician V1.7.0.0700 2008-06-30
Diagnostician V1.6.0.0620 2008-04-25
Diagnostician V1.5.0.0500 2008-04-01
Diagnostician V1.1.1.0284 2007-10-25
Diagnostician V1.0.0.0263 2007-09-13